How we handle our customers

We handle customers effectively and efficiently by delivering excellent customer service, which has h massive benefits for your company, such as powerful word of mouth marketing. This cannot be underestimated. Traditional advertising can be effective, but nothing is as likely to lead to a sale than a recommendation from a trusted friend. One of the key points to consider is availability; it’s really frustrating for customers who struggle to find ways to get in touch. Our customer support team is always available to handle any customer telephone call, their email address, and always have presence on alternative channels, such as social media. Failure to provide points of contact really is an opportunity missed. The more frequently we engage our customers, the more we build our brand and the loyalty associated with it.

customer call service
At Simba fiber we Ensure our customers needs are covered

Dear our esteemed customers you can contact us for all the best internet packages on the market, we at Simba are here to take you no an amazing experience with the best internet on the market.

Better Coverage
More Data Rate
Why choose our services
  1. It is convenient because the internet connection is always on.
  2. You don’t need to dial an access number and risk getting a busy signal.
  3. Broadband internet offers unlimited access and you won’t be charged based on the connection duration.
  4. Broadband internet not only gives you high speed internet access, it can also provide cheap phone services via VoIP technology.

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